It’s hard to believe that it’s been a full 6 months since I started my blog back in November 2020!

There have definitely been some challenges, especially balancing a brand new blog with a full-time 9-5 job.

I won’t lie- there have been a few days that I’ve considered giving up and walking away from the whole thing.

But I persisted, and I’m sticking around to create more content to help you find your next Level Up!

First Things First, Thank You!

Whether you’re new to Level Up or you’ve been hanging out with me for the last 6 months, thank you for being here!

Level Up came from the question “Why isn’t there a jargon-free, straightforward personal finance website designed to help women?”

Six months later, I think that I’ve just scratched the surface of building a solution to that problem!

And, of course, so much of my content is great for men too!

Level Up Milestones and Statistics

In my six months of blogging, I’ve had over 2,000 visitors to my site!

Those 2,000 visitors definitely have some favorite posts!

So far, the top 10 posts range from paying off debt to emergency savings to buying your first home- and the most frequent comment is how straightforward and easy the “how to” steps are!

In case you would like a recap of my top 10 posts from the past 6 months, here you go!

Top 10 Posts on Level Up

1. The Debt Snowball Method: How to Become Debt-Free in 5 Easy Steps

2. Your Wedding on a Budget: 10 Tips for Planning Your Dream Wedding (Without Going Broke!)

3. Emergency Fund 101: Why You Need an Emergency Fund

4. Free Printable Download! Your Ultimate Simple Tax Preparation Checklist

5. How to Get Your Credit Score and Credit Report for FREE

6. 5 Steps to Crush Your Debt with the Debt Avalanche Method

7. FIRE 101: Your Complete Guide to the Financial Independence Retire Early Movement

8. Should I Invest While Paying Off Debt?

9. Understanding Your Credit: The 5 Factors that Determine Your Credit Score

10. First-Time Home Buyer Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Buy Your First Home

So What’s Next for Level Up?

Now that I’m 6 months into building this blog, the sky is the limit for the next 6 months- and beyond!

I have big plans in the works for the next 6 months, including more great posts for you, guest posts on a few great blogs, AND email course in June!

Do you want to hit the reset button on your money mindset with me this June?

If you sign up for the June Money Mindset Reset, I will send you step-by-step emails every day for once week and guide you through resetting your money mindset.

Thank you again for all of your love and support for the first 6 months of Level Up!

Now that you’ve seen what Level Up is all about, is there any content you would like me to cover? What are financial stressors are you dealing with right now? Are you excited for my Money Mindset Reset email challenge in June?

Share your answers in the comments! 

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