Do you groan and grumble every year when tax time rolls around?

Do you wish that there was a free checklist to help you gather up ALL of the paperwork you need to file your taxes? 

Look no further!

The Level Up Simple Tax Planning Checklist is here! 

Can Gathering My Tax Documents Really Be That Easy?


Whether you complete your taxes on your own or hire a tax professional, you’ll need a set group of documents to file your taxes. 

Some tax professionals may send you their own checklist, but there may be some items that aren’t listed. 

The Level Up Simple Tax Planning Checklist prevents delays and puts you in control of your tax filing, saving you time AND money! 

Should I File My Own Taxes?

If your taxes are simple and straightforward, you should be fine to file them yourself.

How do you know if your taxes are simple and straightforward? 

If my checklist covers all (or almost all) of your needs, you can save yourself some money and file taxes yourself. 

If your taxes are beyond my checklist, it may be worth spending money on a tax professional to make sure that your taxes are done correctly. 

Documents beyond my checklist include: 

  • Paying or receiving alimony
  • Retirement or investment withdrawals 
  • Receiving Social Security 
  • Cancellation of debt 
  • Income from the sale of a property 

Remember that a tax professional knows how to make sure your complex returns are accurate, which can save you money and prevent an audit in the long run!

Show Me the Checklist!

CLICK HERE to have the full FREE printable Level Up Simple Tax Planning Checklist download sent to your email instantly!

*I am not a tax professional. Consult your tax professional to confirm if additional items are required for your specific tax situation.*

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Free Printable Download! Your Ultimate Simple Tax Preparation Checklist